How to Design Your Own Hermit Crab Habitat

Even through there are tons of pre-made / pre-designed hermit crab habitats on the market it’s incredibly easy to make your very own using common materials found in any pet store. Building your own hermit crab habitat can not only be a fun weekend project, but most of the time it’s much cheaper than buying a pre-made kit from the store or online.

A Various selection of hermit crab habitats

Here is a wide variety of hermit crab cages, coconut shells and habitats

In order to build your own hermit crab habitat for your little pet you’ll need a few basic supplies.

  • Small, Medium, Large plastic reptile cage (Get glass if you want the cage to last a bit longer)
  • Clean sand
  • Coconut shell substrate
  • 3 small shells or dishes
  • 2 sponges
  • Humidity gauge / Thermometer
  • Heater (for cold climates)
  • Extra shells
  • Decorations!

Once you’ve collected all of the above supplies it’s time to get to work. Start out by cleaning the inside of the cage to make sure that there are not small pieces of plastic that your pet may accidentally eat. Dry out the cage and then cover the entire bottom with the coconut substrate. This will help keep the humidity in the tank correct and will give your crab something to hide in after they molt.


Place a small patch of sand on top of the substrate to give your hermit crab a beach in their new habitat and place a sponge in 2 of the 3 dishes. Fill one dish with salt water and the other with fresh water that has been treated for hermit crabs. Lastly place the humidity gauge high in the tank and scatter the extra shells and decorations around the cage.


Your pet hermit crabs now have a wonderful new home to live long happy lives in!

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The Arts Effect On Society Can Change Children’s Lives

When school budgets are cut, one of the first things that usually goes is funding for the arts. Unfortunately, some people on school boards and on city councils all over the country still believe that paying for children to learn the arts in school is a waste of money. It’s not. In fact, if children are taught music, art, theater and dance, not only does it help produce people in a society that are creative and expressive, it can often change children’s lives.

Children who are taught to paint, to draw, to act or to create music tend to be children who are also self-confident. Part of learning about the arts is trusting in who you are and what your personal voice says. Once you learn how to do this and to trust yourself, you can carry that over into every aspect of your studies. So a child who learns to be good at drawing will often end up being good at math or science too, as they have realized that their inner voice is correct and they do know what they are doing.

Children who love art also tend to become creative individuals. Creativity, though, isn’t just important in art. It’s important in just about any job your child will eventually have. Whether he’s an engineer, a college professor, a scientist or a librarian, if he has been taught to be creative and to trust his creative side, he will be better at every job he does.

The arts effect on society is important for everyone but particularly for children, as it helps them see the world in a more interesting light and put that vision to use for the benefit of everyone.

Benefits Of Pond Dredging

People like to have their ponds clean of any debris. Some people want to go swimming or be able to take a boat oat without having problems with the lily pads or other weeds that grow. Other people want to make their pond deeper. All of this can be done by doing pond dredging.

Most people will hire a company to do this for them because they do not own the proper equipment to get the job done. Other people may be able to do this by themselves. It is important that someone knows what they are doing before they begin a project like this. They do not want to kill any fish or other wildlife that is in the pond or around it. Contamination is another big problem if it is done wrong.

All of the algae can be removed from the bottom of the pond along with layers of the sand or other sediments that are there. There are many reasons to do this. One reason to do it is when the pond has become overgrown with algae and other growth.

If someone would like to fish an area like this, it can be frustrated because the lines get tangled in the weeds that are growing. The plants and everything will grow back eventually but it will take some time. It does not kill it off completely. It can clear it out so the fish have room to swim and if a person wants to, they can swim too.

Personal Trainer In Wilmington NC

There are countless qualities that you should be looking for when seeking a personal trainer to help you lose weight. It is extremely important to make comparisons between as many fitness experts in your local area as possible before making a final commitment. Your chosen trainer should be prepared to schedule regular workout sessions each week. You must also be able to discuss important issues with your fitness expert when required.

Discussing Your Diet

Speaking with a personal trainer about your diet is a crucial part of your continued success. Your fitness professional will be able to let you know if any of your eating habits need to be changed in order to maximize your ability to lose weight. They will provide you with a written dietary plan that details the number of meals and total calories to be consumed each day.

Workout Sessions

Your personal trainer will likely require you to schedule at least three workout sessions each week. These sessions are usually two or three hours in length. Each workout will include a new battery of exercises to help focus on specific groups of muscles separately. Let your trainer know if you have any health issues or other concerns before agreeing on your weekly schedule.

Trainer Fees

Negotiating a reasonable price for your personal workout sessions should be simple. Local gyms are always advertising new specials that will ultimately help you save money. In the end, never pay more for a personal training service than is necessary. If the gym is unwilling to work within your budgetary constraints, then consider taking your business elsewhere. More info: Personal Trainer Wilmington NC

Sparkling Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Many people wear accessory items that feature beautiful and shiny gemstones. Gemstones are placed in all sorts of different products, but generally jewelry items are purchased that contain jewels that will sparkle in the light. Swarovski crystals are one type of beautiful man made stones that are used in jewelry and individuals can find rings, necklaces, bracelets and key rings with Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski crystals are extremely shiny stones that are placed in jewelry items. These crystals come in a variety of colors and white, green, purple, pink, and blue stones can be found in jewelry pieces. Some jewelry items have one or two different colored crystals included in them, but some pieces will have a variety of different colors.

Swarovski crystals are high quality stones that can withstand everyday wear. These stones will sparkle for years and items will look stunning with Swarovski crystals. Crystal jewelry can be worn casually or it can be worn with classy and dressy outfits. Jewelry items will make outfits stand out and individuals will be asked where they bought such beautiful and stunning jewelry.

Jewelry that features Swarovski crystal is often inexpensive and individuals who are on tight budgets like Swarovski crystal items. Jewelry can be found in high end jewelry stores and in department stores across the country. Large stones and smaller crystals are used in jewelry and the perfect items can found that contain a variety of crystal sizes. Swarovski crystal items are perfect for gifts and jewelry items that feature these crystals will be a favorite of the individual receiving the gift.
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Information Contained In A Fishing Report

People who enjoy fishing as a sport will often take advantage of the information provided in local fishing reports. The NC fishing report will usually focus on the lakes and rivers in certain areas. People can find the reports available online with categories for the different areas located in a state. The reports are designed to help fishermen locate the areas where they can catch the type of fish they are looking for. This information significantly increases the chances of actually catching a specific type of fish.

A report will often include the temperature of the water as well as how clear it is. Weather conditions can affect the clarity of the water as well as the temperature, which could also affect where the fish are located. The report will include the species of fish found in the specific body of water and can also include information on what types of fishing gear and bait is good to use for catching them. The reports are written by people who have fished the waters and know first hand what to expect in terms of catching different species.

Some fishing reports are available only during the fishing season, while others could include reports for winter ice fishing. The reports could be updated on a weekly or daily basis depending on how often people test the waters and provide feedback for the people compiling the reports. These reports can also be used when planning a fishing trip by reading which areas have been reported to have the best fishing. More info: nc fishing report

Point Of Use Keeps You Using

Buy an electric point of use water heater and know convenience of being able to heat water where and when you need it. There is no hard wiring or complicated installation process either. Simply plug in your electric point of use water heater. Lightweight and compact models are available for space saving and easy storage. The superb insulation makes the electric point of use water heater an efficient energy saver and a smart buy.

Most of these products come with a warranty or limited warranty making it easy to buy with confidence. Choose your electric point of use water heater based on best flow rate offered based on winter temperatures. Always check the circuitry required to operate it, most often it is a 110-volt or 220-volt circuit required.

An electric point of use water heater eliminates the long wait for hot water. You can buy a unit that will function in line with an existing large hot water source or one which installs independently. Time in life is precious don’t spend it waiting on hot water. Add a few gallons per hour to your everyday life with an electric point of use water heater.

For a no hassle installation take measurements and make sure you get a model that will operate within the area of placement. Look for a middle priced model, never buy the very best or the cheapest. You will find models available in a retail store near you but many more models of electric point of use water heaters are available online.

Reasons For Getting Involved In Life Experience Degree Programs

There is many reasons that people should use Life Experience Degree Programs. These reasons include but certainly aren’t limited to the following reasons. There is no bad press on the computer because university will not be on any “Diploma Mill List.” The company offers professionally produced documents as proof that they got the class done and they graduated. It will help you empower your career and it will increase your salary. We are much cheaper than our competition. You do not have to study or take any tests to get this degree because it’s based on your life experience.